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Nowa obsesja Iwony W?growskiej!?

Iwona W?growska niedawno zaskoczy?a wszystkich przyznaj?c si? do tego, ?e jest zakupoholiczk?, która potrafi wyda? nawet 20 tys. z? na kurteczk?. Okazuje si? jednak, ?e wokalistka ma te? inn? s?abo??.

W?growska wr?cz obsesyjnie dba o swoj? urod?. Wiadomo, ?e Iwona W?growska powi?kszy?a sobie biust wszczepiaj?c implanty, a w usta ma wstrzykni?ty kwas hialuronowy. Podobno zabieg ten jest do?? bolesny, mimo to wokalistka nie ?a?uje swojej decyzji.

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  1. 17 marca 2012 04:34


    I’m not and I won’t be arguing with that. Simply aeubcse I haven’t visited any of the famous Belizean islands. An American whom I mentioned in the post went snorkeling there and was trying to persuade us to come with him and not staying in Belize City. But we had other plans. But Belize, like any other country, has this other side of the coin, which is (IMHO) worth mentioning. It is rather poor country with poor people living there. Most of the travel guides warn travelers that is also dangerous. Even hotel staff started a conversation with safety issues. At first glance it seems natural that poor areas are more dangerous than the rich ones. But during our stay we did not feel that we were in danger. Additionally I wanted to catch and feel local atmosphere. Something you can’t do on the island. And last but not least if I wanted to advertise Belize I would mention about jaguar reserve in the first place, with people and local atmosphere in second and beaches in third place.

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